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As a responsible global corporate citizen, HH Global is committed to helping resolve problems faced by the communities in which it operates, and which affect employees, suppliers, and clients. Employees In addition to all reasonable practical interventions being provided promptly to enable staff to conduct their functions in safety, HH Global has implemented a suite of innovative support services – many at the initiative of individual employees. Virtual communities provide an alternative to the reality of isolation, where colleagues connect and interact based on shared interests or values, such as music, pets and food. Suppliers The unprecedented supply and demand pressures associated with COVID-19 have had a direct impact on many of our suppliers across manufacturing and associated services. Where practical, support is provided to businesses that have been adversely affected by the pandemic. Awareness and understanding of ongoing supplier difficulties is managed via the Vendor Support function. Overcoming crisis and recovering the community

51,250 pounds repurposed

75,850 people helped

$6,888 landfill costs savings

82 pallets contributed

Clients Maintenance of uninterrupted support ensures that

$19,680 warehouse costs savings

Communities In North America, a donation of eighty-two pallets (51,246.453 lbs.) of surplus consumer packaged goods positively impacted disaster victims, including those being supported via an ongoing COVID-19 response effort. In addition, Matthew 25 Ministries* estimated that this donation generated warehouse and landfill cost savings of $26,568. clients continue to access products and services in a safe environment. A variety of solutions have been introduced to reduce the risk of infection, from the supply of hand sanitizers and facemasks to the hosting of virtual meetings. In many instances, at the outset of the pandemic, HH Global pivoted services to accommodate client demand for health and safety equipment, principally facemasks.

*Totals are estimated based on bill of lading quantities and weights, average annual warehousing costs, and one-time disposal costs.

Meanwhile, in countries where availability of facemasks was limited, some HH Global employees volunteered their time to produce their own. Many of the team in Czech Republic have their own sewing machines and were able to donate to those in need within their immediate communities.

* https://m25m.org/


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