HH Global_Sustainability Annual Report

INNOVATION WITH PURPOSE | Sustainability Report FY21

Headlines and highlights

Sunday Times’ Sustainable Innovation Report

HH Global featured in The Sunday Times Sustainable Innovation Report, which explored how GreenTech startups are improving supply chain transparency, how consumer technology is embracing the circular economy, and how innovators are working towards a greener future for work, cities, and travel. HH Global’s responsibility for governing sustainability and ESG within a managed supply chain was the focus of a featured article titled ‘Brands transform in the decade of action’.

HH Global has launched an innovative new proposition for clients and large corporate brands. The Sustainability Assessment is a world first in the marketing execution industry, providing a detailed assessment specific to the sustainability of a company’s marketing spend. The assessment identifies risk ‘hotspots’ and suggests key recommendations for improvement, providing a carbon metric and a score card indicating how well purchases align to principles. The data driven assessment covers six key stages of the product lifecycle, considering both environmental and social practices across the supply chain. It enables brands to be measured against leading industry standards. The approach combines proprietary cloud technologies to leverage the largest marketing procurement dataset in the industry, machine learning, and AI to deliver actionable insights, including a sustainability rating and the associated carbon impact, all with the purpose of incentivizing best practice in marketing execution. The industry’s first sustainability assessment


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