HH Global_Sustainability Annual Report

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Promoting diversity within the supply chain HH Global has set up an exclusive agreement with SoJustShop and Interall Group as a working partnership to collaborate with and support women and their families living in poverty.

The social benefit: • Workers paid a living wage in safe conditions • 30,000 hours of meaningful labor • Preservation of traditional and authentic handicraft skills The environmental benefit: • 6,000 kgs of waste diverted from landfill • 36,000 kg CO2e avoided • 81,000,000 L of water saved by using recycled cotton

Every product crafted by these women-led artisan groups provides meaningful employment hours and a living wage, while giving them access to an international market and fairer prices for their beautiful, sustainably produced items. Google and HH Global supported a women’s collective in Turkey by ordering 60,000 bags made from cotton offcuts, recycled post-consumer cotton and 5% rPET.

Policy HH Global’s management system governs conduct through policies, actions, and results. These are routinely reviewed and updated in line with leading practice to increase quality and embed sustainability. Included among this comprehensive suite of materials is the HH Global Equal Opportunities + Diversity Policy and updated sustainability and ESG training materials, which feature a module dedicated to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Reading and understanding these materials and upholding their principles is compulsory for all employees.


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