HH Global_Sustainability Annual Report

INNOVATION WITH PURPOSE | Sustainability Report FY21

Embedding diversity within people development Actions

The sustainability team and HR function, with support from third party sustainability advisors and subject matter specialists, have collaborated to create a new suite of sustainability training modules for launch to all staff globally in Q1 2022. Module two of this compulsory training is dedicated to raising awareness and understanding of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and includes the following topics: • An introduction to, and definitions of, diversity, equity, and inclusion. • Why this topic is so important and the benefits we all stand to make by improving our awareness and conduct

• Acknowledging and tackling unconscious bias

• Associated commitment and targets included within the Innovation with Purpose strategy

• Practical actions and additional resources.

To make the content as engaging, relevant, and accessible as possible, innovative technology has been used to introduce culturally aligned avatars to present the training content in nine different languages.


PEOPLE AND PLANET | Reduced inequalities

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