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INNOVATION WITH PURPOSE | Sustainability Report FY21

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Bayer and HH Global

Alongside these principles is a carbon reduction target to save 1170 metric tons of carbon and eliminate PVC by the end of 2022 in a cost neutral or cost positive way. Each principle is accompanied by a strategy that HH Global will execute in collaboration with Bayer marketing teams over the next year and will see Bayer employees recognized for their efforts in this program. The principles are underpinned with transparent sustainability data and reporting using our environmental impact dashboard to help users track how many metric tons of carbon are emitted when producing marketing materials. Available in 25 countries around the world, the dashboard is used to monitor progress against the targets that have been set.

Bayer and HH Global have collaboratively launched a global program to encourage adoption of six new global sustainability principles, which will help Bayer reach their carbon reduction target when ordering marketing print, POS and promotional materials. A partnership to reduce carbon by 1170 metric tons of carbon and eliminate PVC in production by the end of 2022


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