HH Global_Sustainability Annual Report

INNOVATION WITH PURPOSE | Sustainability Report FY21

A year of acquisition and expansion

Office openings

The completed acquisitions of InnerWorkings in October 2020, and Adare International in August 2021 increased our geographical footprint and breadth of services, creating an unrivaled offering for new and existing clients. The combined businesses provide a unique opportunity to consolidate and leverage spend, increase efficiency, and promote leading practice in every category. Meanwhile, the ability to further accelerate service reach through unrestricted technology deployment was achieved in September 2021, through the acquisition of a best-in-class global solution provider, Noosh. With more than $1.2B in marketing spend sourced and managed via Noosh’s proprietary technology, this addition enables the introduction of self-serve and hybrid solutions for clients, as well as extending existing relationships into new categories and regions. Recent acquisitions

HH Global has further established its foothold in the Southeast Asia (SEA) region with the opening of offices in Vietnam, Thailand, and the Philippines. This expansion provides new and existing clients with increased flexibility and options for their marketing procurement strategies. These three markets represent areas of steady growth, stability and diversity which provides emerging opportunities for both domestic and international brands. The new offices offer the full range of services to local clients, as well as providing additional resources to the Central Sourcing Office, which connects global clients to international sourcing options. These strategic developments provide an unrivaled opportunity to influence the conduct of a globally scaled supply chain, and the behaviors of the clients served. HH Global recognizes and embraces the complexity and sheer scale of governing a sustainability and ESG strategy of this nature. Ongoing investment in resource, education, and systems is enabling the organization to leverage and amplify leading practice and market presence to the benefit of all stakeholders and interested parties.

10 WELCOME | A year of acquisition and expansion

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